At the most elemental level, music is sound--sound that has been chosen or sculpted; sound that inevitably

arouses our memories and instincts. Sonic waves have a powerful effect on our bodies. Thus, in cultures around the world, it is used as a form of medicine and conversely, as an instrument of war. Within religious traditions, music connects us to the realm of the spirits and God. At the same time, it serves as a perennial source of inspiration for scientific inquiry. From tuning systems to electronic instruments and software, the disciplines of physics and music have progressed hand in hand.


In a world that has become increasingly homogenized, the essential vibrational impact of music is all too often obscured by the restless noise of consumerist fervor. At the 2019 PGVIM International Symposium, we offer an opportunity to slow down; to examine and appreciate the myriad sonic expressions of musical "matter.” We invite contributions that reflect on all aspects of sonic experience, from the development of instruments and digital technologies to the design of acoustic spaces to the sounds of prayer. We hope that this celebration of music’s sonic dimension will help remind us all why music really matters.



Deadline for Paper Submission:

31st May 2019


Symposium Date:

28th - 30th August 2019



Princess Galyani Vadhana Institute of Music



Keynote Presentations, Paper Presentation, Lecture Recitals, Demonstrations and Concert Performance