At last year’s symposium we explored the myths and realities that lie at the heart of musical cultures the world over. This year, we expand on this discussion through an examination of the myriad of ways in which musical styles and meanings morph over time.

Musical traditions are constantly being reimagined and transformed as each generation adapts them to suit their own cultural values and needs. Some musical languages have been lost in transition—their original sonic properties and aesthetic impetus obscured by wave upon wave of adaptation. At the same time, musical reinterpretations and reinventions have given rise to new musics with novel semantics.

Musical metamorphoses include both evolutions and devolutions: while the blind reproduction of musical ideas has given us pale and tedious clichés that fail to inspire, informed and creative transformations have, in many cases, helped to preserve the life force of a certain branch of the musical tree.

We invite papers reflecting on the theme of musical metamorphosis from six perspectives:

Please send your abstract (200-500 words) and specify which of the 6 panels you would like to participate in. Proposals should be sent as a Word or PDF document to www.pgvim.ac.th/sym by CALL FOR PAPER- Extended deadline 22nd July 2018

Paper presentations should last 15-20 mins and may include a live performance element. Presentations are followed by a 10 mins Q&A. Papers will subsequently be published in the Symposium Proceedings. Full papers should be between 3,000 and 8,000 words and formatted according to the Chicago Manual of Style.