"Music, Myths & Realities”
PGVIM International Symposium August 30th - September 1st 2017

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The Princess Galyani Vadhana Institute of Music is pleased to announce that it is now accepting submissions for its fourth International Symposium investigating the theme of “Music, Myths, and Realities.”


Since ancient times, humans have made sense of the world through myth. Myths mirror back to us our understanding of reality. The conflicts, struggles, and phantasmagoric abilities of mythological figures often reflect the unique cultural context that first projected them. At the same time, myths also relate to universal features of the human condition. Myths are at once a window to the distant past and a reflection of our current life experiences.


Myths have been a perennial source of inspiration for musicians through the ages. Southeast Asia is home to countless myths and associated musical traditions. We are looking for papers and creative works that investigate the connections between music and ancient beliefs, traditional myths, or folktales in their historical contexts, as well as contemporary ones. We are also interested in papers that explore how traces of myths remain embedded in contemporary music-making practices, and that examine how the contemporary reinterpretations and re-invention of myths relate to musical expression and meaning.

Just as myths have inspired musicians, so too have musicians inspired the creators of myths. The beauty and seductive power of music is a theme found in countless mythological tales. We are also interested in papers that examine how musicians themselves have been mythologized through the ages.

How do old myths morph into new ones ?
How do new mythologies emerge from the habits and contexts forged by modernization (political myths, media machines, etc.)?
How does music reflect these stories and adaptations?
What roles has music played historically in disseminating and preserving myths and what role does it play today?
How have various thematic elements of myth, such as heroism, the natural word, the sacred, or the magical, been expressed musically?
How do myths about music and musicians relate to historical and/or contemporary conceptions of music and its place in society?


We are hoping this coming Symposium at PGVIM will be a unique opportunity to learn about the myths of Southeast Asia and the music connected with them as well as reflecting on the contemporary myths that inform or even transform our current realities.