Break Out Session 2014


Professional Development and beyond ASEAN
Chair: Anothai Nitibhon Chair: Anant Narkkong
G 202 G 203
Time Presenter Topic Presenter Topic
1100 1130 Dr. Joe Bowman New Connections: The Development of the SEADOM Association 1100 1230 ASEAN music experts of AYE
1130 1200 Jenny Ang Professionalising a Profession
1200 1230 Suppabhorn Suwanpakdee Living in the context of now: Social Awareness Through Music
Rediscovering Tradition ASEAN
Time Chair: Dr Jean-David Caillouët Chair: Anant Narkkong
1330 1400 Boonrut Sirirattanapan
Looped Melodies, melodic repetition and rhyming: new music from ritual, poem, dance, and Thai traditional music 1330 1530 ASEAN music experts of AYE
1400 1430 Sarupong Sutprasert Wearing Thainess,
Orchestral Construction of Thainess Through Some Works by Dnu Huntrakul
1430 1500 Nattawut Narawuttichai "Typhoon Nari" Symphony
1500 1530 Dr.Anothai Nitibhon, Dr. Veerawat Sirivesmas, Pattra Toburin, et. al. Rusie Dutton: Revisiting Tradition through Multidisciplinary Approch
Organised Sound Creativity in Music
Chair: Komsun Dilokkunanont Chair: Nathawut Booriboonviree
G 202 G 203
Time Presenter Topic Presenter Topic
1100 1130 Thatchatham S. Unwrap “THE BLACK BOX” : Electric Guitar Et Al. Dr. Jean-David Caillouët / Dr Yos Vaneesorn Phra Abhai Mani: A Musical Adaptation of a Thai Epic for Clarinet Ensemble
1130 1200 Siwanut Boonsripornchai Chanel No.5: A Musical Exploration of Socio - Cultural Icon Dr. Jiradej Setabundhu SHALE SEA: A Controlled Stochastic Approach to a Music Composition through Modular Synthesizer Patching
1200 1230 Kamonpond Wongcharoenchai Soundsurround & Thingsurround : Rethinking the Way We Talk Sarunrat Sangchai Dividing Time : A Sonic Exploration of Temporality Through Composition

There are 3 breakout group sessions during the 3 days of the Symposium. Presenters are given 30 mins for each session

* (20 mins for presentations and 10 mins for Questions and Answers).

* 20 mins for ASEAN Music Experts of AYE Session