Paper Presentation 2016 [Symposium Booklet]


Time/Room C200 C 303
Moderator Dr. Dneya Udtaisuk    Mr. Anant Nakkong 

Contributions of Ajarn Choochart Pitaksakorn
to the Development of Western Music in Thailand.
Gender and Sexualities of Ladyboys' Love in Thai Pop Songs
Dr. Yavet Boyadjiev Karnjana Jongwilaiwan

The Four Seasons:
An Artistic Integration between Music, Painting, and Poetry
Revisiting the Relationship between Diva and Gay Male Fans
Kitiya Buarod Sarupong Sutprasert

Music Activities to Enhance Music Attitude for Disadvantaged Children Artistic Intervention in Community
- Focusing on Music Programs –
Kanit Promnil Thu Cuc Tran

Musical Theatre:
the Educational Tool Promoting Social Competencies
A Korean Instrument Which Has a Thousand Voices
Apinporn Chaiwanichiri Baek Eunbin 
Coffee Break, CF
Moderator Dr. Elissa Miller-Kay    Dr. Jiradej Setabundhu  

Roots of Problems in Music Practice:
Technical- or Musical-Related?
Cross-Cultural Hybridity in Music Composition
Kwanchanok Pongpairoj Onusa Nongtrud

A Comparative Study of Mendelssohn’s Variations sérieuses, Op. 54 and the Bach-Busoni Chaconne
from the Partita for Solo Violin in D minor, BWV 1004
Ramanna for Orchestra:
Composition Techniques Base on Thai-Mon Musical Concept
Khetsin Chuchan Tontao Chuaiprasit

A Survey of Catholic Choral Music in Thailand (1965-2015) A Doctorate Music Composition:
Legend of Wat Chediluang for Stagea and Symphony Orchestra
Kajornsak Kittimathaveenan Dr. Yuttapong Saengsomboon
Room C200 C210 C 303
Moderator Dr. Ruth Rodrigues Dr. Suppabhorn Suwanpakdee Dr. Hoh Chung Shih

Exploring Hidden Potentials
of Eighteenth-Century
Italian Keyboard Works
Enriching Musicians and Connecting Audience:
The Application of Wind Ensemble Concept to Cultivating the Contemporary Classical Music Scene in Thailand and Beyond
A Musical Exploration of the Process
of Transformation of Light
for Solo Clarinet, Wind Octet, Electronics & Visual
Dott. Alberto Firrincieli Dr. Thanapol Setabrahmana Kampanart Chantima

Broadwood Keyboard Instrument: From London to Bangkok Proper Procedures for Preparing
a Trombone Recital
Through Time and Space:
A Sonic Visualization of the 5 Dimensions of the Universe
Dr. Chanyapong Thongsawang Anuntapond Iamchanbanjong Pongsakorn Rattanapattarakul

Mozart’s Concerto for Three (or Two) Pianos in F major, K. 242 Analysis and Interpretation
of Kuremanee’s “Pas de deux”
for Trumpet and Piano
Chiang Mai Collective In Action:
Re-Examining and Contextualizing the Sound Artist Collective’s Tactical Practices in Accordance with the Socio-Cultural Development of Local Community
Dr. Ramasoon Sitalayan Surasi Chanoksakul and
Sumida Ansvananda
Dr. Thatchatham Silsupan

Moonlight Reflections:
A Performance History of Beethoven’s Sonata
Quasi una Fantasia, Op. 27 No. 2
A Doctorate Music Composition:
“The 4th Floor Exhibition” Symphonic Poem for Chamber Orchestra
Sailing to Byzantium:
A Journey from Waste to Immortality
Dr. Elissa Miller-Kay Saral Pacheun Prinda Setabundhu and
Dr. Jiradej Setabundhu
Coffee Break, CF
Moderator Dr. Jiradej Setabundhu Dr. Thanapol Setabrahmana  

Similarities and Differences
in Aspects and Main Techniques
on the Saw Duang
(Thai Two-Stringed Fiddle) and Violin
The Study on the Quality of Education Provided for Thai University Students Majoring in French Horn  
Sreewan Wathawathana Natsarun Tissadikun

'Whisper' (Theme from 'Black Lahu') Presentation & Performance Local University, Local Standard?:
Case Study Brass Studio, Songkhla Rajabhat University
Suppabhorn Suwanpakdee Pusit Suwanmanee
and Patcharee Suwantada

Connecting Our Voices,
Creating Our Future
Chamber Music for Clarinet
by Piyawat Louilarpprasert
Dr. Anothai Nitibhon Rittichut Phetmunin


SVH = Sangita Vadhana Hall, Administration Building FOYER = Foyer of Sangita Vadhana Hall
EXB = Exhibition Room at Gita Rajanagarindra Building G 201/ 203/ 204/ 205 = Room 201/ 203/ 204/ 205, Gita Rajanagarindra Building
CF = Cafeteria at Gita Rajanagarindra Building L100/ 101 = Room 100/ 101, PGVIM Learning Center
C200/ 209/ 210/ 303 = Room 200/ 209/ 210/ 303, Conservatory Building Lib = Library, Gita Rajanagarindra Building
Music Pavillion = Music Pavillion Building