Paper Presentation 2017 / Booklet

Time/Room C 300 C 303 C 305
  Paper Presentation Conservatory Building
Moderator Dr. Elissa Miller-Kay Dr. Chanyapong Thongsawang Dr. Natthawut Boriboonviree
15.30 The Heroic Myth
of Beethoven:
A Performer’s Perspective
Art Songs in Thailand: Arranging and
Performing Dr. Saisuree Chutikul’s
Vocal Works
The Power of the Words Unspoken
Dr. Elissa Miller-Kay Dr. Chanyapong Thongsawang Haruna Tsuchiya
16.00 Gender Studies
on Fanny Mendelssohn
Music Composition and Performance
Project: Ballades from Thai Literature
for Piano Solo
The Explorations of Philosophy
in Thailand Music Higher Education
Sarunda Siasiriwatana Asst. Prof. Dr. Ramasoon Sitalayan Dr. Saya Thuntawech
16.30 Music and Numbers, Myth and
Religious Belief in J. S. Bach’s Music
as Essential Elements
of a Proper Pedagogical Approach
The Adaptability of Martin Luther’s
Ein’ festa burg ist unsere Gott:
the Heritage of Protestant
Reformation in Thai Hymnal
Connecting to Thainess on the Bridge
of Audiences’ Experience
in Western Music, a Case Study
of Thai Contemporary Music
Dott. Alberto Firrincieli Santiphap Viriyothai Sarupong Sutprasert
17.00 Spanish Hero:
What Lies behind Tárrega’s Legend
in Vocal Techniques Analysis
Rethinking the Concept
of “Participation“ in Music:
the Case Study
of Senju Dajare Music Festival
Apichai Chantanakajornfung Kajornsak Kittimathaveenan Kotaro Ishibashi
17.00 Myths - Reality of Sound Production
and Its Reflection
on Music Performance
The Analysis
of Thai Xylophone’s Sound (Ranad Ek):
A Case Study of Fine Art Department,
Ministry of Culture Thailand
Song and Music in Thai Musicals
Tanasit Siripanichwattana Phonlasit Tinnakorn Na Ayuthaya Theerawut Kaeomak
Room C 300 C 303 C 305
  Paper Presentation Conservatory Building
Moderator Asst. Prof. Dr. Dneya Udtaisuk Dr. Jiradej Setabundhu Anant Narkkong
15:30 49 King’s Compositions
in Every Heart of Thai People
Her Voice Has Life:
Echo in the Uncanny Valley
2016 Thailand Mourning Realities:
Relearning the Sound and Sight
of Sadness After the Great Loss
of His Majesty King Bhumibol
Asst. Prof. Dr. Dneya Udtaisuk Dr. Jiradej Setabundhu Anant Narkkong
16:00 Learning Pronunciation
Through Music Activities:
A Music Approach to Phonetics
Metamorphosis of Traditional Heroes
in Judeo-Christian Myth:
New Hero Michael from
Donnerstag aus Licht by Stockhausen
Traditional Piphat Ensemble
of Thai Cambodian, Por Mee Sil Band,
Ban Ta Baek, Prakhon Chai District,
Buriram Province
Sasidisaya Sasisakulpon Hyojung Huh Dr. Chalermkit Kengkaew
16:30 The Development
of Western Music Theory
in Co-Operative Learning Process
Genius Loci The Music for Spiritualism Ritual
of Kui Ethnic Group
Natsarun Tissadikun Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jonathan Day Dr. Chao Kanwicha
17:00 Climbing to an Ivory Tower?:
Myths VS Realities about
Music PhD Learning
New Perspectives in Sound Making:
From Improvisation
to Collective Composition
Contemporary Thai Music
Dr. Skowrung Saibunmi Watchara Pluemyart Wichian Tanalapprasert et al.
17:30 Phenomenological of Music in Local:
Activities of Music Learning,
Ban-Thawon Tumbol-Thawon
Aumpoe-Chaloem Pra Kiat District,
Buriram Province
Thai Chess:
An Interdisciplinary Study
of the Game Through Musical
Conservation and Continuation
of Thai Folk Song:
A Case Study Pleng Na Chumporn
Dr. Thiti Panyain Prateep Jattanakul Asst. Prof. Ponglada Thampitakkul
Room C 300 C 303 C 305
  Paper Presentation Conservatory Building
Moderator Apichai Chantanakajornfung Dr. Jiradej Setabundhu Anant Narkkong

New Steps:
Princess Galyani Vadhana
Institute of Music Youth Orchestra
Narot, Copyrighted,
All Rights Reserved
Myth, Geography,
and Culture Mapped:
Representations of Thailand’s
Andaman Sea Coast
in Orak Lawoi Folk Song
Dr. Suppabhorn Suwanpakdee and
Pongthep Jitduangprem
John T. Giordano Lawrence N. Ross

Creating New Myth? Analysis of Composition Technique
Base on Thai Traditional Song in Anoo
by Bruce Gaston
Singing the Human Experience:
Dream song of the Indigenous Semai
of Malaysia
Dr. Anothai Nitibhon et al. Pradit Saengkrai Assoc. Prof. Dr. Clare Suet Ching Chan

“Variety: So Absurd It’s Good“
PGVIM’s Student Presentations
Illusion Syair Bidasari, Re-Imagined:
Performance Making
of a Pan-Malay Folklore
for an International Music Festival
in Singapore
Kittiphan Janbuala Sysfiqah ’Adha Bte Mohamed Sallehin

Music Composition
“Spirit of Isan“
for Symphony Orchestra
and the Spirit of Humanity
Akapong Phulaiyaw Asst. Prof. Dr. Shang-Wen Wang

“Variety: So Absurd It’s Good“
Panel Discussion
Dhorn Taksinwarajan, Kawirat Saimek,
Khetsin Chuchan, Selina A. Jones
Dr. Thanapol Setabrahmana -


SVH = Sangita Vadhana Hall, Administration Building SVH FOYER = Foyer of Sangita Vadhana Hall, Administration Building
GQ = Gourmet Quarter CF = Cafeteria at Gita Rajanagarindra Building
C 200/ 300/ 303/ 305 = Room 200/ 300/ 303/ 305, Conservatory Building L 100/ 101 = Room 100/ 101, PGVIM Learning Center
G 201 = Room 201, Gita Rajanagarindra Building A 209 = Room 209, Administration Building