Our Curriculum

Bachelor of Music Program

Princess Galyani Vadhana Institute of Music offers a 4 years full-time study, which led to a completion of a Bachelor of Music. The Program lays a foundation for a lifetime development in music for students. The main goal of this program is to produce graduates with distinctive quality, while having a profound understanding in the art of music-making and being able to creatively integrate their musical knowledges to good of the society.


The Bachelor of Music Program at the Institute, approved by the Office of Higher Education, Thailand has a minimum of 132 credits over its course of 4 years time and divided into 4 modules of study: Core, Contextual, Electives, and General education.


1) Core: aims to develop students in the area of performance through subjects as Major Skills, Chamber Music, Practice Lab, and Performing Musicianship.


2) Contextual: emphasis on research/project-based activity in order to help students produce, integrate, and share musical knowledges creatively through subjects such as Recital Project, Research Methodology, and Education Populaire.


3) Electives: choices of theoretical subjects, which can be applied to students' musical practices. Students can choose to study courses depend on their own interest such as Performance Practices, Composition, Interpretation through Improvisation, Performing with Technology, Music and Digital Media, Theory and Concepts in Musicology, World Music, Pedagogy, for instance.


4) General Education: specially design for the conservatory style of studies, with its core in music, the General Education course of the Institute touches important areas of contemporary context , which involve subject in Humanities, Social Sciences, Language and Sciences. Subjects consist of Classical Music in a Global Context, Music and Social Harmony, ASEAN MusicalIdentities, Music and Innovation, and Integrated Sciences for Well-Being, for instance.