Masters of Music

The Masters program at PGVIM provides students with the opportunity to explore new approaches to music.

This program is designed to help students deepen their musical knowledge and skills through a process of questioning, understanding, and sharing their creative work.

The curriculum is designed to bring theory and practice into a reciprocal relationship, where each informs and enlivens the other.

Supported by a team of specialists whose expertise cover music performance, improvisation, pedagogy, composition and technology, the course is designed to appeal to performers and music makers from various backgrounds including classical, folk, traditional, jazz, electronic, and experimental music. Students will explore ways of bridging the gaps between different musical languages and modes of expression.

 All students are expected to share their work through public performances or other types of public and community outcomes such as site-specific installations, music therapy, workshops, radio broadcasts, podcasts, and online media.

Students can choose electives in the following areas:

Music Analysis

Topics in Performance Practices

Music History

Asian & World Music

Music Pedagogy

Music & Moving Image Media

Music, Interactive designs and Sonic Arts

Music Cognition

Music, Society and Well Being

Duration of Study: 2 Years or 4 Semesters (August – December / January – May)

Total Credits: 39 Credits

Semester Plan

Master Music Skills   3 Credits

Philosophy, Cultures and Aesthetics  3 Credits

Notation Literacy and Interpretation  3 Credits

Master Music Skills   3 Credits

Interdisciplinary Studies in Music 3 Credits

Research Methodology in Music 3 Credits

Electives 2 Credits

Master Music Skills  3 Credits

2 x Electives 2 Credits

Thesis 3 Credits

Thesis 9 Credits

Master of Music Program | Princess Galyani Vadhana Institute of Music