PYO Inaugural Season

 “PYO Experiences”
“Explore, Exchange, Excelled”


With our philosophies, PYO Experiences – “Explore Exchange Excelled”, PYO Concert program focuses on the development of young musicians covering four key categories of pieces: Important orchestral literatures, Orchestral Training, Individual skills, and Exploration/Experimental.

Throughout 8 months of the concerts, our young talents will experience in playing various orchestral masterpieces. Ranging from monumental pieces, where student will learn important performance aspect and interpretations, as in Beethoven’s Symphony No.5, Brahms’ Symphony No.1 or Ravel/ Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition. They will also learn from important orchestral literatures such as Bach’s Orchestral Suite, Schubert’s Symphony No.8 or Shostakovich’s Symphony No.9.

Our program also include pieces that will challenge young musician’s performance abilities and personal skills, as Britten’s Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra or Smetana’s Moldau, as well as pushing their boundaries towards music of different cultures or even music of Today’s, as programmed under the ‘Experimental series’ conducted by international conductors with an expertise in contemporary music.