Dr. Jean-David Caillouët

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Home address:

19, Prachathipatai Road, Phra Nakhon,Bangkok 10200. Thailand.

Work Address:

Faculty Of Music, Silpakorn University 22, Borommarachachonnani Rd. Talingchan, Bangkok 10170, Thailand

Birth Date: 03-August-1975 Nationality: French
Phone: 0066(+)899282603

Email: jdmozaic@gmail.com

Jean-David Caillouët

Jean-David Caillouët is a French sound and visual artist. Mixing the old with the new, his work often combines together various disciplines such as film, music (acoustic & electronic), choreography and poetry in a live performance context.
He has performed internationally, playing well respected festivals such as Celtic Connections, the Edinburgh Fringe or the Big Mountain festival in Thailand or KLEX in Malaysia.

As an instrumentalist and producer, he has collaborated with artists as varied as the composers Kimho Ip from Hong Kong and Anothai Nitibhon from Thailand, the multi instrumentalist and Ethnomusicologist Anant Narkkong, Cape Coast based musician Kwesi Quayson, the Scottish Indie band Aberfeldy, the Celtic singer Heather MacLeod or the independent label Panda Records.

He has produced soundtracks for films, animations, theatre and dance. His work has been performed in the Royal Opera House and the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London and his installation projects have been exposed in places as varied as the historical caves of Kent’s Cavern in the UK, Le Musée du Quai Branly in Paris, the Angkor Temples in Cambodia or Bangkok’s Art and Culture Center (BACC).

He is also a very active curator and event organiser, contributing to the Bangkok musical and artistic scene through Zoo, a venue promoting innovative performance practices, the ASIA Live Loop Festival or more recently co-curating the AS(EAR)N exhibition and associated series of events at Museum Siam, celebrating the rich cultural diversity of Southeast Asia from a sonic perspective. Exploring the boundaries between tradition and innovation, many of his recent projects involve aspects of Southeast Asian music combined with the new aesthetics of digital media.

Some of those projects and their accompanying papers were recently presented at international symposiums in Taiwan (Tunghai University
International Conference 2015), Bangkok (PGVIM International Symposium 2014 & 2015) and Austria (EPARM 2015).
He has studied at Brussels Royal Conservatory, Dartington College of Arts in England and completed his PhD at Edinburgh University in Scotland. He currently lectures in music composition and sonic arts at Silpakorn University and PGVIM in Bangkok, Thailand.

Master of Music Program | Princess Galyani Vadhana Institute of Music